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Optimise performance and reliability with HP Proactive Care Services With HP Installation & Start-up and Proactive Care Services Cut the risk of IT downtime with HP Proactive Care and Personalised Support.

Modern IT challenges and our growing reliance on 24×7 uptime means that purely reactive support is no longer a viable option. If you want to ensure that your IT delivers the best possible return on investment for your business, you need to ensure that business-critical systems are:

  • Configured, installed and tested for optimum performance “ making best use of built-in features and tools
  • Managed proactively to identify potential enhancements and efficiencies
  • Monitored continuously to identify and resolve potential issues before they have a negative impact
  • Supported effectively through rapid and consistent call escalation to appropriate specialists.

HP’s Installation and Startup Services

Are available at NV-Tech across Server, Storage, Networking, Software and Converged Infrastructure solutions “ taking time and resource issues out of the deployment process. This service ensures that new HP hardware or software is installed smoothly, efficiently, and with minimal disruption of your IT and business operations. It also ensures that the solution is optimised to run within your specific environment “ delivering the best possible ROI.

HP Proactive Care services

Integrate proactive and reactive hardware and software support deliverables – enabling you to not only keep the technology your business relies on up and running, but to optimise your IT environment for initiatives such as IT convergence, virtualisation and cloud.

Video: HP Proactive Care Services

Watch this short video to see how your organisation could benefit from Proactive Care Services and the Personalised Support Option.

HP Proactive Care Services have been designed to help you make the most of your IT investments “ keeping your infrastructure aligned and up-to-date, giving you advice on how to optimise performance and ensuring you have direct access to the best technical specialists to keep your business-critical systems up and running 24×7. Include the Personalised Support Option and you will be assigned a named Account Support Manager (ASM) to oversee all the service deliverables and provide on-site assistance and ongoing guidance in addressing your IT Priorities.

Key Benefits

  • Resolve complex problems faster and more easilywith up to 40% reduction in total problem resolution time and 95% first time fix rate.
  • Reduce unplanned outages eliminating up to 50% of potential issues before they ever impact on the business
  • Avoid the high cost of IT downtime leveraging remote support technologies within server, storage and network devices
  • Ensure unified support by removing the grey areas between hardware and software related issues
  • Optimise and accelerate the returns on your IT investments with HP Installation & Start-up Services.

IDC White Paper: Business Value of Proactive Insight

Read this White Paper to understand the business value of investing in HP Proactive Services. See how all of the organisations in the study experienced strong returns on their investment in HP Insight Remote Support, with an average payback time of just 1.2 months.