Kemp Technologies

Why Load Balance?

Our offering of KEMP load balancing solutions takes all your traffic and intelligently distributes it between web servers, providing an efficient and cost-effective way of scaling out your application server infrastructure to meet demand without comprising on performance.

24/7 High Availability
Single points of failure can be mitigated by introducing a load balancer in a redundant configuration across multiple back end servers.

Faster Response Times
Provide a highly responsive end user experience by intelligently distributing traffic demand across multiple web or application servers.

Protect your applications against security vulnerabilities, data loss protection and meet PCI-DSS compliance with intelligent web application firewalling.

Quick Deployments
Shorten time to production for application deployment with an easy to use and highly scalable load balancing solution.

Why KEMP load balancers?

With over 40,000 worldwide deployments, KEMP Technologies is the industry leader in advanced Layer 2 – 7 Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) and application-centric load balancing. KEMP has been recognised as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ADCs for the last 2 years running.

Since its launch in 2000, KEMP Technologies has continued to drive innovation in the complex world of Application Delivery – providing solutions that enable customers to deploy more resilient, scalable and secure highly available applications across the cloud and hybrid cloud deployment scenario as well as on premises and inside data centers in virtual environments and physical servers.

KEMP’s clients include Fortune 50 companies to commercial businesses, remote enterprise branch offices, managed service providers and education/public sector clients.

KEMP’s award-winning load balancing solutions includes these features

  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing
  • SSL Offload/SSL Acceleration
  • Full HTTP/2 Support
  • Web Application Firewall
  • HTTP Caching, Compression & IPS Security
  • Global Server Load Balancing
  • Edge Security Pack (TMG Replacement)
  • Application Health Checking
  • Content Switching

It’s easy to try a KEMP Loadmaster – start your free trial today

It’s easy to try a KEMP Virtual LoadMaster, test KEMP’s VLM 5000 delivering throughput of 5 gigabits per second.


KEMP Authorized Partner

NV-Tech is an accredited KEMP Authorized Partner and one of just a few resellers accredited in the UK. Our partner status means we can provide you with cost-effective load balancing solutions from across the entire KEMP LoadMaster range. We also have an enhanced level of service and support from KEMP and we use our economies of scale to negotiate the best deals for you.