At NV-Tech we don’t just specialize in one particular manufacturer, we specialize in all. As a Multi-vendor IT supplier our ethos is to provide you with a whole host of comparative products, so you can make your choice and not that of the reseller, in other words we want you to make a decision based on technology, price and preference.

NV-Tech Ltd are proud to announce our partnership with Altova and we look forward to engaging with new opportunities with the Altova product range.

We have gained extensive knowledge of over 25 years industry experience, we can help you select the best vendor to suit your business and budgetary requirements, which is why we class ourselves a truly agnostic IT supplier.

The Vendors listed below are a example of some of our vendor accredited partnerships, and if its not listed below then please call us about the product or vendor and we will always endeavour to quote and source the product of your choice.

Remanufactured IT

At NV-Tech we understand that most IT projects have some type of budget restrictions however why not get the most “BANG for your BUCKS”, well now you can with NV-Tech’s Remanufactured programs. Here is our run down of some of our selected programmes.

HP Renew

HP Renew products undergo comprehensive HP remanufacturing process, ensuring they are fully restored to meet HP certified standards. To qualify for full HP warranty, all HP Renew products must pass the rigorous tests and verification processes”your guarantee that all HP Renew products are as good as new! read more…

Top 5 reasons to buy HP Renew

Great Value for Money
HP Renew offers an extensive portfolio of completely re-manufactured HP products and solutions to meet your business needs “ at extremely attractive prices. HP Renew products offer the same reliability and performance as new HP products, but for at least 15% less than the cost of the equivalent new product. If you have a limited IT budget, HP Renew is the perfect alternative “ high quality solutions at a lower cost.

HP Certified Quality
HP Renew products are guaranteed to be as good as new. All HP Renew products undergo a complete HP re-manufacturing and testing process, fully restoring them to meet HP certified standards. It is only then that they qualify for full HP warranty “ guaranteeing HP quality and reliability. HP sets strict quality standards for its entire technology portfolio, and ensures that remanufactured products offer the same performance and reliability as new products.

Full HP Warranty
HP Renew products are covered by the full same-as-new HP warranty starting from the date of purchase “ the same warranty offered with new HP products. HP Renew products are only given the full original warranty after passing HP’s stringent quality tests, guaranteeing HP quality and reliability. Additional service and support options are available to complement the original HP product warranty.

Broad Range of HP Solutions
Whether your organisation is looking to implement a new IT platform or planning to maintain or upgrade your existing one, HP Renew offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-end enterprise products to fulfil your specific business needs. As HP Renew products come from sources such as returns, customer demos, factory loaner or trade-in programs, you get access to a wide spectrum of new, existing and even discontinued HP technologies.

Start making sustainable choices for the planet with HP Renew. By remanufacturing and redeploying returned, loaned or trial units, HP Renew ensures that these products are fully utilised and don’t end up in landfills. HP Renew lets you reduce your overall environmental impact, while taking advantage of an affordable alternative to your business needs.

NV-Tech have partnered with some of the industries well known vendors to bring our Video Conferencing Solutions alive, using technologies from Huawei, Polycom, Lifesizeand many more we have designed and installed several solutions in the UK and Internationally.

Need more information or a quote, not a problem. Fill out our request form, call 02477 767176 or email [email protected] quoting AV or VC.