Today’s virtualized data centres are opaque to traditional monitoring approaches and enterprise IT lack the tools to be able to correlate application and infrastructure performance to determine what is causing the application slowdown. A Data Center’s infrastructure components “ CPU, Memory, Network and Storage “ may have their own management tools but these tools are incapable of providing visibility to the whole system or correlating that information back to a specific application’s performance.

As a result, organizations lack the resources to quickly and efficiently resolve application performance issues and spend the majority of their valuable time engaged in reactive troubleshooting or inter-departmental finger pointing, rather than proactively improving application delivery.

Uila Application-aware Infrastructure Performance Management allows data centres to gain visibility into their complex, virtualized infrastructure; reduce application outages from hours to minutes; prevent outages that may arise from stressed infrastructure; and proactively tune the performance of business-critical applications.

Solution Benefits

  • Provides visibility into complex, virtualized applications & infrastructure
  • Reduces application downtime and business disruption
  • Proactively prevents application performance issues
  • Intuitive design reduces requirement for specialist staff
  • Improved productivity enabled by tighter collaboration between infrastructure and application teams
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